Thursday 24 April 2014

A funny old day...

Good afternoon everyone!

Well it is turning out to be a funny old day here... My 'to do' list is bulging, but I really don't seem to be able to make any head way and so far nothing has been ticked off of it!

I have also been distracted at the slightest whim, although this was beneficial as I ended up unearthing a couple of books that were given to me by friends that I had completely forgotten that I had (the books NOT the friends LOL).  A great discovery admitted, but of course I then wasted time flicking through them when I should have been focused on other things!
It seems I have the attention span of a goldfish today...

But staying positive, IF I can manage to stay focused for the rest of the day, then with luck tomorrow we will be able to email out the latest edition of the PP newsletter... but then again.....!

Happy (distraction free) mini-ing!
Bea Broadwood

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