Monday, 15 November 2010

A (very early) Christmas greeting...!

Best wishes to all our customers; past present & future…!
From the Petite Properties' office!
Bea & Tony Broadwood

Petite Properties’ Newsletter - Out Now...!

I am delighted to announce that (literally) as I type the November edition of Petite Properties’ ‘monthly’ newsletter is being emailed out to all of our current  ‘subscribers’…

This month’s newsletter includes all the latest information about our brand new  ‘Intermediate’ quarter scale kit range and show cases the first dolls house kit to be released from this new series:

 Yule Tide Christmas Shop
The newsletter also brings you updates from the Miniature Beehive online dolls house club and places smaller scale doll maker Eileen Brindley firmly in the spotlight. 

If you would like to receive your FREE copy of the Petite Properties’ Newsletter; simply email us at, with the word ‘SUBSCRIBE’ in the subject heading of the email.

Many thanks & Enjoy!!
Bea (Fiona) Broadwood

Friday, 12 November 2010

A 'practice' post in disguise...!

Now I am not declaring that the subject of this post is in anyway exciting news and ordinarily I certainly wouldn’t bother to share it, but the arrival of a bumper batch of new business cards this morning presented me with an opportunity for another practice post here on my new blog.  So here I am.

The business cards are pretty standard and yes I am pleased with them.  Happily this time I actually remembered to include my telephone number on them too – last time I ordered some; I forgot!
I kid you not…
Bea (Fiona) Broadwood

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Taking my first (tentative) steps...

I am not sure which wind blew me into 'blog land', but like Dorothy in Oz; I have certainly landed with a bump!
However, despite a disheveled  landing, it is great to  finally be here and I am looking forward to getting to grips with blogging technology!... Which on first glance reveals that there is so much to learn! *gulp*
In the meantime, please do bear with me as I attempt to work out which buttons are safe to press and which ones should clearly remain more than an arm's length away from me at all times...!
Bea (Fiona) Broadwood