Thursday, 3 November 2011

Petite Properties 'in print' !

Mr Bea and I are both delighted to finally get to see the latest November edition of the ‘Dolls House Nederlands’ magazine, which features a wonderful three page article all about Petite Properties! 

We are very honoured and excited to be included in such a hugely popular publication and the odd little bits of the article which we have so far managed to translate have made us both smile, as it seems some details have been a little ‘lost in translation!’ (Mr Bea certainly does not like ‘well cooked steak’, he enjoys a steak which has been ‘well cooked’ so that it is not over done!)

However, we are of course delighted with the article and if any one out there in blog land or beyond can help us to translate it, that would be very much appreciated!!
Bea Broadwood