Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Kensington Dolls House Preview 2012...

Good evening everyone!
 I have so much to share, but so little time as the clock on the wall in the Petite Properties’ office is telling me that there isn’t much time left for me to compose this (rather bedraggled) 11th hour Kensington Preview… but I will try!

Pictured here are just a small selection of the 1:24th dolls houses which we will have on (or under) the PP stand this weekend.
Alongside our two brand new 1:48th dolls house kits: The Railway Inn and Traveller’s Rest, we will also be launching a wide range of new furniture kits in both 1:24th and 1:48th scales!
1:24th Furniture Kits...
Dining Table - £3.99
Farmhouse Table - £4.49
Cottage Table - £3.99
Vintage Kitchen Table - £3.99
Fancy Open Dresser - £4.99
Wash Stand - £3.99
Blanket Box - £2.99
Tall Shop Counter - £4.99
Shop Shelves - £7.49
Church Pew - £3.99

1:48th Furniture Kits...
Vintage Kitchen Table - £1.50
Vintage Kitchen Sideboard - £1.50
Blanket Box - £1.50
Fancy Open Dresser - £2.00
Wash Stand - £1.50
Shop Counter - £1.75
Corner Counter - £1.75
Shop Shelves - £3.50
Church Pew - £1.50

So, if you are heading 'London bound' to the festival this weekend, do stop by the PP stand… We are in a slightly different position this year, but still in the main foyer and as ever we are looking forward to seeing you there!!
Bea & Tony Broadwood