Monday, 15 April 2013

Once a year, whether it needs it or not!

Good afternoon everyone.
During a few days off last week I braved the yearly ritual that is 'spring cleaning the workshop'
To be honest it is one of my least favourite jobs as it notoriously always takes double the time I expect it to...
The big clean of 2013 was no exception.

I have always made no secret of the fact that I have never been a fan of 'tidy up time' and my workshop ethos has always reflected this...  
"why put stuff away when you know you are going to get it out again..."
As a result I work (to quote Mr Bea) in "utter chaos"... so when the workshop is clean, tidy and organised I have to admit to feeling more than a little out of sorts.

However this year amidst the dust filled chaos, I did manage to A/ find the floor (not seen since Easter 2012)... B/ discover several new species of (possibly) intelligent life clinging silently to the inside of two old cups and C/ unearth my much loved and slightly battered book on architecture by John Prizeman (previously believed to be lost, hence I am now the proud owner of two copies lol)...
So it wasn't all bad.

Since the 'big clean' I must confess to strangely liking the abundance of flat surfaces, relishing the calmness of an ordered cupboard and calmed by the novelty of a bin which isn't in a constant state of overflow... 
In short such cleanliness is proving to be highly addictive!

But (Houston) there is a problem....
The workshop has now been transformed into my little sunny haven.
A Nanna's retreat.
A hideaway.
...Not a place of 'work'!

Take today for example... I have been sat a my workbench, faraway from the office with only bird song to serenade me... and what have I managed to cross off my 'to do list'... NOTHING! 
To be honest my little den now looks so organised, shiny and spacious, I don't dare spoil it by working in it! Instead today it has been a joy to simply sit, gaze and ponder the possibility of work, rather than actually attempting to get any done.
Not good!

So come tomorrow, whether it pains me or not... I have solemnly promised myself that I will do my best to clutter the work tops, fill the bin and rummage unsparingly through every drawer and cupboard, as it seems that for me tidiness and productivity are like oil and water...
they simply don't mix!

Bea Broadwood