Friday, 21 September 2012

NEW Kits For Autumn Miniatura!!!

Dandelion Cottage (1:24th)
Hello everyone!

I am sorry for having been so 'absent' and (uncharacteristically) quiet of late!
After a summer of travelling Mr Bea and I have collectively had our noses pressed securely up against the PP grindstone, working on the 40+ brand new smaller scale kits which we will be launching at the
Miniatura show this weekend.
(Notoriously) 'To the wire' as ever, we finally crawled over the finish line late yesterday afternoon and now just have to pack up the van before we head west to the NEC and 'attempt' to fit it all onto a 12ft stand *gulp
This weekend Mr Bea and I will be on stand D3, so if you do get a chance to say hello - please do!!  In addition to our full range of smaller scale kits we will also have a large number of fully constructed 1:24th dolls houses, all of which will be sold on a ‘first come, first serve basis’ - so once they are gone, they are gone!
Blackberry Farm (1:48th Kit)
We will have our eldest daughter and SIL helping us this weekend and we are really looking forward to (hopefully) a very busy weekend! Safe travels everyone and see you there!
PS all the new kits will be added to the PP online shop on Tuesday 25th September, so if you are unable to go to Miniatura, you won't miss out! =0)

Blackberry Farm - ‘360’ Premier Collection Kit  (1:48th) - £39.99
Station Master’s Cottage - Basic House  Kit (1:48th) - £26.99
Stable & Store - Basic House  Kit (1:48th) - £12.99
‘Book Ends’ - As featured in the October edition of Dolls House & Miniature Scene’s ‘Project 3’ magazine! - £24.99

(Quarter scale / 1:48th Kits)
Dressing table set - £2.50
Tall Boy - £1.50
Bedside Drawers (pair) - £1.75
Potting Shed - £4.99
Cold Frame - £1.75
Arbour - £1.50
Hen House - £1.75
Rose Arch - £1.50
Wood Store - £1.25
Traditional Garden Bench - £1.75
Cottage Garden Bench - £1.75
(Half scale / 1:24th Kits)
Telephone Box - £8.99
Dressing table set - £7.99
Tall Boy - £4.49
Bedside Drawer - £2.99
Potting Shed - £12.99
Bird Table - £2.99
Cold Frame - £4.99
Arbour - £4.49
Hen House - £4.99
Rose Arch - £3.99
Wood Store - £2.99
Traditional Garden Bench - £4.49
Cottage Garden Bench - £4.49
Dovecote - £2.49
Traditional Wheelbarrow - £2.99
(Micro / 1:144 Kits)
Church Farm Cottages - ‘Basic House Kit  (Micro) - £14.99
Bea & Tony Broadwood

Friday, 17 August 2012

Counting down to Autumn…!

I am ashamed to say that it has been a very long time since I last updated this blog, but  despite my ‘online absence’ Tony and I have filled our (mostly) ‘sunless’ summer days with furtive design and development; working together to prepare a record number of new kits which we will launch during the coming Autumn show season. 
As a result from September to December we have lined up seven fantastic shows: Miniatura, Alexandra Palace, Arnhem, Leeds, The Midlands DH Fair, Kensington and York and we will be launching new smaller scale products at EVERY show!
But for now there is only one thought on our collective minds - Autumn Miniatura - where, on the 22nd & 23rd September, the Petite Properties' stand will feature a record number of affordable new kits in 1:24th, 1:48th and 1:144th; from shabby chic furniture, to traditional garden accessories - we will have something to tempt every smaller scale enthusiast and suit every pocket size!

We are also delighted to be launching a new '360 Premier Collection' of 1:48th dolls house kits.  'Blackberry Farm' will be the first quarter scale 'Petite Property' to be released in this collection, with many, many more to follow!

Not going to the Miniatura Show? No problem! 
On the 25th September all of our 40+ brand new kits will be added to the Petite Properties' online shop and will be available via mail order to anywhere in the world!

Over the coming weeks as Autumn Miniatura grows larger on the horizon, I will be previewing all of our new smaller scale kits alongside our (now famous) ‘ready made’ dolls houses in our 1:24th Country Town Collection…  So as the leaves begin to turn and the summer warmth starts to fade (*cough) there’s lots to look forward to as a busy Autumn ‘miniature’ season approaches!
Bea & Tony Broadwood

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Kensington Dolls House Preview 2012...

Good evening everyone!
 I have so much to share, but so little time as the clock on the wall in the Petite Properties’ office is telling me that there isn’t much time left for me to compose this (rather bedraggled) 11th hour Kensington Preview… but I will try!

Pictured here are just a small selection of the 1:24th dolls houses which we will have on (or under) the PP stand this weekend.
Alongside our two brand new 1:48th dolls house kits: The Railway Inn and Traveller’s Rest, we will also be launching a wide range of new furniture kits in both 1:24th and 1:48th scales!
1:24th Furniture Kits...
Dining Table - £3.99
Farmhouse Table - £4.49
Cottage Table - £3.99
Vintage Kitchen Table - £3.99
Fancy Open Dresser - £4.99
Wash Stand - £3.99
Blanket Box - £2.99
Tall Shop Counter - £4.99
Shop Shelves - £7.49
Church Pew - £3.99

1:48th Furniture Kits...
Vintage Kitchen Table - £1.50
Vintage Kitchen Sideboard - £1.50
Blanket Box - £1.50
Fancy Open Dresser - £2.00
Wash Stand - £1.50
Shop Counter - £1.75
Corner Counter - £1.75
Shop Shelves - £3.50
Church Pew - £1.50

So, if you are heading 'London bound' to the festival this weekend, do stop by the PP stand… We are in a slightly different position this year, but still in the main foyer and as ever we are looking forward to seeing you there!!
Bea & Tony Broadwood

Monday, 23 April 2012

Kensington Dolls House Festival Preview 2012..!

Good afternoon everyone!
A brand new week brings with it a preview of a brand new 1:48th Basic House Kit which Mr Bea and I will be officially launching at next month's Kensington Dolls House Festival!

'The Railway Inn' 'is inspired by the Victorian era, when the steam railway was the life line of the UK. The Inn is a handsome three storey property with an unusual corner aspect under a half hipped roof; ideal for the end of any quarter scale street scene!

The kit consists of a precision cut carcass, full colour instructions and includes pre cut (double aspect) shop frontage, inset door, windows, glazing and internal chimney breasts.

'The Railway Inn' has  three internal rooms and the kit is priced at only £27.99.

Bea & Tony Broadwood

Friday, 20 April 2012

Kensington Dolls House Festival Preview 2012..!

Good afternoon everyone!
I thought it would be fun to end the week with a sneak preview of a new 1:48th Basic House Kit which Mr Bea and I will be officially launching at next month's Kensington Dolls House Festival!

'Traveller's Rest' follows in the footsteps of our previously released (and much loved) Toadstool Cottage, Candlewick House and of course the award winning Yule Tide Christmas Shop.

In addition to the precision cut carcass and full colour instructions, this comprehensive new quarter scale dolls house kit also includes; pre cut beams, doors, glazing and 'pre cast' steps & chimney stack!
'Traveller's Rest' has four internal rooms and the kit is priced at only £29.99.

Bea & Tony Broadwood

Friday, 6 April 2012

...and the winner is?

We are delighted to share the news that last Friday our 1:48th ‘Rosebud Cottage’kit was announced as the winner of the Reader's choice Best Dollhouse or Building kit 2012!!!

To be honest Mr Bea and I were totally surprised as we thought we had come 2nd, but it seems that when the polls closed the results were audited and corrected and the final positions within some categories changed, with some results different to what had been expected - this included the ‘best building kit / dolls house category’...So to say that Tony and I were taken a back is an understatement!!
We therefore just wanted to once again say a HUGE thank you to EVERYONE who took the time to vote for ’Rosebud Cottage’ and also to say a very big ’thank you’ to our all our customers, friends and colleagues who have emailed us privately with good wishes and congratulations!

Mr Bea and I have been truly overwhelmed by all the excitement and we are of course delighted (albeit pretty shocked too) to have won for the second year in a row!

So once again many thanks to you all for not only your continued support of our kits, but also for your unerring enthusiasm for the smaller scale miniatures we create!
The future is bright…
The future is ‘smaller scale’ miniatures and we can’t wait to release what’s coming next!

Bea & Tony Broadwood
If you would like to find out more about our award winning 1:48th Rosebud Cottage Kit along with all the other smaller scale kits we have to offer simply visit our website:

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Petite Properties' Newsletter...

Good morning everyone!
Now that the dust from the Spring Miniatura show has finally settled, I am delighted to announce that the MARCH edition of Petite Properties’ free monthly NEWSLETTER is being emailed to all of our current  ‘subscribers’…

If you would like to receive your FREE copy of the Petite Properties’ Newsletter; simply email us at, including the word ‘SUBSCRIBE’ in the subject heading of the email.

Many thanks & Enjoy!!
Bea (Fiona) Broadwood

Thursday, 15 March 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like... Miniatura!

Hello everyone!!!
1:24th Double Fronted Shop - £114.99

Well the chaos which currently surrounds me can mean only one thing…
Spring Miniatura must be just around the corner...!!!

Here in PP HQ our stocks of midnight oil have been officially depleted and my desk is littered with more ‘to do’ lists than even Santa’s elves could manage!
The Petite Properties’ workshop and office both resemble crime scenes and our poor little cottage has been invaded by boxes and crates; each packed with stock in readiness for the forthcoming show! 

1:24th Church Lane Cottages - £99.99

For Mr Bea and I, Miniatura is always the highlight of our show season and once the dust from the (inevitable and unavoidable) pre show panic has settled, we both very much look forward to our bi-annual pilgrimage to the NEC, Birmingham… and this spring is no exception..!

1:24th Laundry Cottage - £99.99

We are also very excited as we will be launching a record number of new kits, spanning all three of the smaller scales - so we are confident that we will have something for everyone and every pocket!
1:24th Post Office Cottage - £74.99

So whilst we make our final chaotic preparations for this coming weekend’s show, we thought you might all enjoy a little preview of the miniatures which we will be showcasing this year on the Petite Properties stand...
so if you would like further information about our Miniatura Stock - simply visit our website -

We look forward to seeing you at the show, where we can be found (looking slightly frazzled) on stand: D3
Safe travelling!
 Bea & Tony Broadwood

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Miniatura Preview - NEW 1:24th Furniture Kits..!

Hello everyone!!!
This is just a super quick post to let you all know about a few brand NEW 1:24th furniture kits which we will be releasing at the Spring Miniatura Show later this month!
News of additional new half scale kits will be posted here very soon!
1:24th Furniture Kits...
Mantle Mirror - £2.99
(Also makes an excellent ’Hall’ Mirror)
Plate Rack - £2.99
Dressing Mirror - £3.99
Side Table - £3.99

Bea & Tony Broadwood

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

40th Issue Of The AIM imag - Out now!

 To be really honest I have sat here quietly at my desk for quite some time, gazing out across the garden and pondering what words I should write. 
Yet as I flick through cover after cover of this wonderful ground breaking magazine, I am amazed that it still feels like only the other day that I sat down at this very desk to pen the first ever ‘editor’s note’ for the AIM magazine.  Now, unbelievably, some 40 issues later – here I am again! 

Being the editor of the AIM magazine has always been both an honour and a privilege.  Over the years it has been a genuinely rewarding, yet time consuming role; one which if I am honest has sometimes left me wondering why on earth I do it!

However, over the last 40 issues I have been lucky enough to work with some of the most amazingly committed and exceptionally talented people that I have ever met.  The experience of sitting in the AIM magazine’s editor’s chair has been one of the biggest learning curves I think I have ever experienced and I believe it would be true to say that the last 5 years have been quite a white knuckle roller coaster ride, where I have shared in the thrill of the imag’s successes, whilst quietly wearing out a ‘forehead’ shaped dent on the surface of my desk… And yet throughout all of the late night formatting  sessions, the technical issues, the 11th hour editing dramas I have been constantly moved and inspired by everyone I have worked alongside in the production of each and every issue. 

For much of that time, I have been supported, inspired and encouraged by Vicky Guile (Assistant Editor) and I genuinely think that without her hard work, stoic determination and devotion, the AIM imag would no longer still be here today.  I know that I have said this so many times and forgive me as I say it once more, but the production of this free imag requires a massive amount of dedicated hard work behind the scenes, not only from our wonderful contributing AIM members, but also from the editorial team too.  Month on month Vicky has been at the core of that team and her input to it has been immeasurable.

It is therefore with incredible sadness that I have to announce that Vicky has decided to step down from her role within the editorial team and I am sure that the other team members will agree with me when I say that our virtual editorial office simply won’t be the same with out her constant presence.  I would also like to take this opportunity to thank her on behalf of the editorial team, you the reader and AIM members alike for all of the time, energy and creativity she has given so freely to this imag over the years. 
Thank you Vicky for everything x

Back in 2008 I surmised that the magazine might (if it was lucky) last a year and after its transition into a fully downloadable imag I wondered whether it would continue to grow in popularity… Now some 40 issues later I am incredibly humbled by its immense popularity and the enormous scale of its enthusiastic following.  Regular readers will know that of late the work load created by sitting in the editor’s chair simply became too much for me and with my own business demanding almost all of my focus, time and attention, something had to give.  As a result of this forced sabbatical we were unable to publish a regular monthly imag over the last few months.  However, with the unerring support of the editorial team and the fresh enthusiasm of four new members, combined with the support of more than 300 AIM members, I hope that we will be able to bring you yet more stunning future issues of the AIM imag and rest assured that everyone here at AIM remains committed to a bright future, one that has the AIM imag taking centre stage! 

But before I go and get too nostalgic and choked up, I would like to thank everyone who has worked so hard on the AIM imag since its most humble and unassuming beginning back in April 2008 and as is now customary as editor, it is once again my pleasure to welcome you to the 40th issue of the ground breaking AIM magazine!
Bea Broadwood
On behalf of the AIM Magazine

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Miniatura Preview - New 1:144th Kit!

Good morning everyone!
I thought that the 'micro' fans amongst you might enjoy this preview our new 1:144th Flower Pot Cottagekit which we will be launching (along with other brand new micro kits) at the forthcoming Spring Miniatura Show at the NEC, Birmingham on the 18th & 19th March...
(Shown here built and decorated)
Our new 1:144th Flower Pot Cottage kit will be the 4th micro property to be released in our ever expanding range and as with all our micro kits, the 1:144th Flower Pot Cottage kit contains full step by step colour instructions together with all the parts and materials you require to complete the kit - all you need to add is paint and glue!
This new kit is priced at only £14.99 and will be available (along with all our other new releases) from the Petite Properties’ stand at the Spring Miniatura Show next month!
However, for those of you who are unable to attend the show, rest assured we will  update our Petite Properties' online shop and add all of our ‘new products‘ to it immediately after the show!!
Bea & Tony Broadwood