Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Candlewick House - Now available via our online shop!

It gives us great pleasure to announce that our  second quarter scale ‘Intermediate’ dolls house kit: Candlewick House, has been officially released and is now available to order via our online shop:
Candlewick House follows on from the success of our first ‘Intermediate’ kit: Yule Tide Christmas Shop and we hope you will agree that it continues to deliver Petite Properties’ ethos of  realistic quarter scale architecture, all at affordable prices!  
Candlewick House has been specifically designed for miniaturists who are a little bit nervous about adding their own detailing and who want that bit of extra help along the way!
 For more information about our 1:48th Candlewick House kit, plus all our other smaller scale products and publications, simply visit our website:
Bea & Tony Broadwood

Monday, 21 February 2011

February's Newsletter...

It may be only Monday, but I am delighted to let all of our subscribers know that Mr Bea is currently sending out copies of the Petite Properties’ FEBRUARY Newsletter to everyone who has previously subscribed to our mailing list. 

If you wish to subscribe to our free monthly newsletter, simply email us at inserting the word SUBSCRIBE into the email’s subject heading and we will add you to our ‘ever’ growing readership!
Many thanks!
Bea (Fiona) Broadwood

Friday, 18 February 2011

NEW 1:24th Designs For Thame Dolls House Show!!

Tomorrow is the Thame Dolls House Show and Mr Bea and the Petite Properties’ stand will (very proudly) be there.
However fans of quarter scale will be excited to learn that Candlewick Cottage will be available to purchase  at the show and I also hope that lovers of 1:24th will like our brand new shop designs that we will be launching tomorrow on our stand!!!
Bea (Fiona) Broadwood

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Sign of the times...

Despite  living  in our modern ‘disposable society’ I have always stood by the old adage - If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

However, today - time, tide and an inevitable technological evolution have all sadly caught up with my mobile phone and I have been finally forced to say a sad and nostalgic goodbye to my trusty dusty ‘vintage’ Nokia mobile phone.

In a final ‘homage’ to a phone that has been with me for almost a decade… what can I say…

Little Nokia  you did me proud!
I dropped you, I lost you, I often left you languishing in the kitchen drawer… I never thought of you as a fashion accessory, throughout it all  your signal never let me down.

You stood stoic and reassuring in my daughter’s hand when emergency struck, you let the sad news of bereavement gently find me in the dead of night and most importantly, despite your age you were the first mobile phone to spread the joyous sound of my granddaughter’s first cry to those who needed to hear it the most…

Romantic Wednesdays at the cinema won’t be prompted by your quiet ‘2 for 1’ text and my handbag will sadly never again resonate  to your muffled (and slightly embaressing) retro ring tone in the most public places…

Through thick and thin, you did me proud little Nokia… and after all these years, uncool or not, I will miss you!

Introducing Orchard House..!

I am delighted to be able to preview our forthcoming  ‘Victorian inspired’ quarter scale kit: Orchard House.

Orchard house is a handsome 4 roomed property and will be released as part of our NEW  ‘Basic’ House Kit Series.
The Orchard House ’Basic House Kit’ comes with a set of  full colour, step by step instructions that can be followed to complete the basic construction of the kit.. 

Alternatively, if you wish to complete the exterior of Orchard House with the same ’artisan finish’ shown then the instructions provided are also carefully linked back to the techniques and finishes taught in ‘The Corner Shop’ booklet.

The Orchard House kit includes: 14 piece precision cut property carcass, 4 windows (including glazing), 4 window sills, 2 exterior porches and 1 front door (including glazing).
Additional basic art and craft materials are also required to complete the kit.
Picture shows a kit completed, following the ‘artisan finish’ instructions.
Bea (Fiona) Broadwood

Monday, 7 February 2011

5 New Quarter Scale House Kits From Petite Properties..!

Coming soon!!!

As many of you already know, the original ethos behind Petite Properties’ ’Book & Kit’ series was a simple one - to teach miniaturists how to build their own 1:48th scale dolls houses and how to bring them to life by creating a highly realistic ‘artisan finish’.  

Given the overwhelming number of photographs and excited messages that have been sent to me, it seems that this simple ethos has really struck a cord with miniaturists from around the world, all of whom have enjoyed learning new techniques and skills. 

However, the techniques taught in each of the booklets that accompany my series of house kits should not be left languishing, unused in a drawer!!   This is because I have designed a NEW range of additional 'follow up'  kits which can be constructed and finished using the techniques included in each of our previously published instruction booklets. 

In  this new ‘Basic’ House Kit Series, each set of full colour instructions is carefully linked back to the techniques and finishes taught in each of the previous booklets, allowing you to create your very own ‘artisan finish’ on a new property design,  time and time again!

So if you loved building ‘Washtub Cottage’ and revelled in creating the authentic ‘white washed stone’ exterior, then you are going to love our new ‘Windy Hill Croft’ or adorable ‘Gooseberry Cottage’.

Were you charmed by our traditional ’Corner Shop’ and now want to complete your very own ’Victorian’ inspired street...?  If so then the very handsome ‘Orchard House‘ and the nostalgic ‘Halfpenny House’ are just what you need!

Or  if the quintessential charm of  ‘Flower Pot Cottage' won you over, then I can't wait to reveal to you our 'Dorset' inspired ‘Daisy Chain Cottage‘ or the picture perfect ‘Rosebud Cottage‘...!

However to kick off the blog preview of our new kits - if you have found that the new inhabitants of your quarter scale Petite Properties are needing that little bit of extra room, then our brand new and highly versatile ‘Side Scullery’ is just for you!

Are you NEW to quarter scale..?
Do you want to use your own techniques and imagination..?
No problem..!

 As each of these ‘Basic 1:48th House Kits’ comes with its own set of  full colour, step by step instructions on how to  construct the property, together with windows and external doors - you don’t HAVE to have purchased a previously published instruction book.  Instead you can just let your imagination take over and bring the interior and exterior to life in your own way…!
Bea (Fiona) Broadwood

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

FREE AIM imag: February issue - OUT NOW!!!

Once again it is my pleasure to welcome you all to the February edition of the ground breaking AIM magazine!
 With Christmas now nothing but a dim and distant memory and with even the most stoic of New Year’s resolutions having fallen firmly by the wayside, the onset of February can often bring with it a renewed sense of creativity and energy.

It is true, that for many, the days of February remain short and cold, with only the merest tantalising promise of a spring that is yet to come.  Here in the northern hemisphere most gardens currently serve only as an icy view, framed by our windows.  It is therefore no surprise that thoughts and attention turn to the interiors of our warm and cosy homes and within the miniature world is certainly no exception.

Behind the scenes over the last few months, the February edition of the AIM magazine has grown into a celebration of comfortable homely style.   For our 31st edition, ‘Shabby Chic’ is the order of the day, AIM members have come together to share fabulous creations, all of which reflect ‘in miniature’ the comfortable ease of this ever popular interior design style.

So if you want to bring some ‘Shabby Chic’ nostalgia to your dolls house look no further!  The February edition has 140 pages, all packed back to back with inspiration for you to enjoy.  Love projects? Then this month you will be in heaven as you meander through all 13 of the fabulous tutorials that we have shoe horned in between our virtual covers.

Finally, the days of February may still be short, the weather might be cold, but spring is just around the corner and until it knocks politely on your door why not immerse yourself in all that this month’s fabulous AIM magazine has to offer!?
Bea (Fiona) Broadwood
On behalf of the AIM Magazine