Tuesday, 19 February 2013

A New Addition... Baby Noah!

Hello everyone!
I am delighted to finally announce the birth of our Grandson Noah.  Noah was born a week ago, but sadly quickly after birth his health  deteriorated and he became very poorly...

He was subsequently diagnosed with an infection of the fluid around his brain... Meningitus.

Naturally when we all heard the 'M' word we were floored, but he has responded very well to treatment and has even managed to gain some of the weight that he has lost since birth.
The doctors are happy with him and his progress and although he will remain in hospital for the course of his treatment, he is calmer and happier... and so naturally we are too!
Grandpa (aka Mr Bea) and I are utterly smitten with him and we can’t wait until our Daughter and Son In Law can finally take him ‘home’.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for all the congratulations, good wishes and prayers which we have received  for baby Noah.  They have meant the world to us all. Thank you.
 Bea & Tony Broadwood

aka Nanna & Grandpa!


  1. He's a lovely little boy. Enjoy every day with him!!

  2. Thank you Corly... we will!
    To be honest we all so can't wait for him to leave hospital, it has been such a worrying time!
    As a result this Nanna has more grey hairs than ever LOL!