Monday, 20 February 2012

A Random Act Of Kindness...

Good evening  everyone!
Sometimes, when life is heavy going it is easy to forget the power of friendship.
Recently I have been struggling with neck & back pain and this has left me feeling pretty fraught and very low.   Then, out of the blue, a parcel arrived for me which was such a surprise and its contents lifted my spirits no end.

My dear friend and professional artist Marianne Cook (knowing I was down) sent  me one of her stunning original paintings.  To be honest I really can't properly express how moved and touched I was to recieve such a thoughtful and personal gift...
Those of you who know me, know that I am never lost for words, but this very special act of kindness left me speechless and smiling... 
Marianne’s painting, entitled ’Weeds’ is stunning and I will cherish it always….

However, the best thing of all is that from now on, every time I look at this fabulous work of art, I will not only enjoy the beautiful painting... but I will also be constantly reminded that in life no matter low we feel, we have dear special friends who will do all they can to see us get back on our feet and smile again...

Thank you Marianne x
Bea Broadwood


  1. How lovely.
    However 'lost for words' ???????????!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yeah... Lost for words is probably stretching it a bit, Mags! But really, thanks Bea, for all those kind comments. I'm just as pleased to think it will be giving you pleasure instead of hiding under my stairs (our walls have as many of my pics as any family could reasonably be expected to put up with on a daily basis). Hope you're soon feeling 100% again.

  3. The best gifts are the unexpected ones. That was so nice.