Monday, 7 February 2011

5 New Quarter Scale House Kits From Petite Properties..!

Coming soon!!!

As many of you already know, the original ethos behind Petite Properties’ ’Book & Kit’ series was a simple one - to teach miniaturists how to build their own 1:48th scale dolls houses and how to bring them to life by creating a highly realistic ‘artisan finish’.  

Given the overwhelming number of photographs and excited messages that have been sent to me, it seems that this simple ethos has really struck a cord with miniaturists from around the world, all of whom have enjoyed learning new techniques and skills. 

However, the techniques taught in each of the booklets that accompany my series of house kits should not be left languishing, unused in a drawer!!   This is because I have designed a NEW range of additional 'follow up'  kits which can be constructed and finished using the techniques included in each of our previously published instruction booklets. 

In  this new ‘Basic’ House Kit Series, each set of full colour instructions is carefully linked back to the techniques and finishes taught in each of the previous booklets, allowing you to create your very own ‘artisan finish’ on a new property design,  time and time again!

So if you loved building ‘Washtub Cottage’ and revelled in creating the authentic ‘white washed stone’ exterior, then you are going to love our new ‘Windy Hill Croft’ or adorable ‘Gooseberry Cottage’.

Were you charmed by our traditional ’Corner Shop’ and now want to complete your very own ’Victorian’ inspired street...?  If so then the very handsome ‘Orchard House‘ and the nostalgic ‘Halfpenny House’ are just what you need!

Or  if the quintessential charm of  ‘Flower Pot Cottage' won you over, then I can't wait to reveal to you our 'Dorset' inspired ‘Daisy Chain Cottage‘ or the picture perfect ‘Rosebud Cottage‘...!

However to kick off the blog preview of our new kits - if you have found that the new inhabitants of your quarter scale Petite Properties are needing that little bit of extra room, then our brand new and highly versatile ‘Side Scullery’ is just for you!

Are you NEW to quarter scale..?
Do you want to use your own techniques and imagination..?
No problem..!

 As each of these ‘Basic 1:48th House Kits’ comes with its own set of  full colour, step by step instructions on how to  construct the property, together with windows and external doors - you don’t HAVE to have purchased a previously published instruction book.  Instead you can just let your imagination take over and bring the interior and exterior to life in your own way…!
Bea (Fiona) Broadwood


  1. Bea I am so excited for you (and Tony)I dont think I know anyone in the mini world that works harder than you do. Looking forward to seeing the new kits. See you at Thame.

    Lorra luffies

    Debie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. So looking forward to seeing all the new kits Bea. xxx

  3. Oh Debie - thanks so much xx
    Mr Bea will be at Thame, sadly I will be locked in the workshop... only to be let out (if I have been good) for Miniatura! LOL
    Talking of the Big M - Will you be at there?

  4. Thanks Debbie - there are loads of new kits on the way... So I am planning to try to be a better blogger and post more reguarly - sharing pics and previews in a (hopefully) steady trickle!

  5. Your miniatures are so great I have become one of your followers. I also make miniatures. Please visit my blog.