Tuesday, 1 March 2011

AIM imag - March Issue - OUT NOW!!!

As is customary, it is once again my pleasure to welcome you all to the March edition of the ground breaking AIM imag!

For many of you March might conjure up images of new spring bulbs or bouncing fluffy lambs… however for around 30+ members of AIM, this month has an altogether more frantic significance; as the onset of March brings with it the inevitable (and often fraught) final build up to the world famous Miniatura Show.

For all the AIM members who will be exhibiting at the NEC this month, the first three weeks of March inevitably mean, long  days, much midnight oil consumption and an all round dose of raised blood pressure, combined with a (not so) healthy dose of nervous anxiety.  I too have not been immune to the ‘pre Miniatura effect’ as along with Mr Bea, I will also be exhibiting at the show.

Therefore with my increased workload in mind Vicky Guile (Assistant Editor) has once again stepped forward and helped rescue my sanity by very kindly leading this publication into fruition, allowing me some much needed time to concentrate on my own show preparations.  However,  I am sure you will all agree that Vicky, supported by the fabulous AIM editorial team and our members, have collectively put together yet another breathtaking issue for you all to enjoy – for FREE!!

So if you want to know just what AIM members have been so busy working on and you would like to get a sneak preview of some of the miniature delights that will be available at the Miniatura Show later in the month, then take a look at our fabulous preview report on page 60.

With luck and after a much needed lie down in a darkened room, I will be back at the helm for the April imag, which is already shaping up to be yet another unmissable issue!
In the meantime, grab a cuppa, put your feet up, settle back and enjoy AIM member’s inspiring ‘Tudor’ celebration!’
Bea (Fiona) Broadwood
On behalf of the AIM Magazine

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