Monday, 8 August 2011

A wedding in the family..!

For the last couple of weeks my office chair has sat empty and the PP office has been like a house the night before Christmas; aka - nothing has stirred…!

The reason… well it was a very happy one…
Last Saturday my eldest daughter Lucy married Richard (the love of her life) in a beautiful ceremony at our local church.
Needless to say it was a very special occasion for my husband Tony and I and I just thought I would share with you my reading from  the ceremony…

Rest assured come Friday when (finally) the wedding dust has settled I will be back in the PP office, but for now I hope you all enjoy the poem I wrote especially for the occasion…

A Quiet Love...

In the quiet breaking dawn
At the rising of the morning sun
As light is cast on each new day
I promise to love you…

Amidst our laughter, each passing year
Protected by love’s embrace
And encircled, in my arms, adored
I will love you…

At wordless, painful times
Through silence or familiar touch
When you feel me near, you will know
That I, love you…

During loss or pain,
When in confusion, doubt we stand
Remember as my trembling hand seeks yours
I do love you…

With time… heeds change
Reflection… growth; our lives exchanged
Yet in the silence of each gentle pause, remember
I love only you…

From our beginning to our very end
From winter’s chill, through endless summer days
None will have passed to taste regret
For I have loved you...

With each smouldering candle,
each passing chime
With every whispered word or silent stolen glance
All were witnessed by a promise strong
To love you… completely… my lifetime long…

 Bea Broadwood


  1. Love the Poem Bea. Your Daughter looked beautiful. Many Congratulations to them both, Wishing them every Happiness, as they start their Married Life together..

  2. Wonderful Bea, wishing them the best, happiest and brightest future together.

    Lorra Luffies

    Debie xxx