Wednesday, 29 February 2012

40th Issue Of The AIM imag - Out now!

 To be really honest I have sat here quietly at my desk for quite some time, gazing out across the garden and pondering what words I should write. 
Yet as I flick through cover after cover of this wonderful ground breaking magazine, I am amazed that it still feels like only the other day that I sat down at this very desk to pen the first ever ‘editor’s note’ for the AIM magazine.  Now, unbelievably, some 40 issues later – here I am again! 

Being the editor of the AIM magazine has always been both an honour and a privilege.  Over the years it has been a genuinely rewarding, yet time consuming role; one which if I am honest has sometimes left me wondering why on earth I do it!

However, over the last 40 issues I have been lucky enough to work with some of the most amazingly committed and exceptionally talented people that I have ever met.  The experience of sitting in the AIM magazine’s editor’s chair has been one of the biggest learning curves I think I have ever experienced and I believe it would be true to say that the last 5 years have been quite a white knuckle roller coaster ride, where I have shared in the thrill of the imag’s successes, whilst quietly wearing out a ‘forehead’ shaped dent on the surface of my desk… And yet throughout all of the late night formatting  sessions, the technical issues, the 11th hour editing dramas I have been constantly moved and inspired by everyone I have worked alongside in the production of each and every issue. 

For much of that time, I have been supported, inspired and encouraged by Vicky Guile (Assistant Editor) and I genuinely think that without her hard work, stoic determination and devotion, the AIM imag would no longer still be here today.  I know that I have said this so many times and forgive me as I say it once more, but the production of this free imag requires a massive amount of dedicated hard work behind the scenes, not only from our wonderful contributing AIM members, but also from the editorial team too.  Month on month Vicky has been at the core of that team and her input to it has been immeasurable.

It is therefore with incredible sadness that I have to announce that Vicky has decided to step down from her role within the editorial team and I am sure that the other team members will agree with me when I say that our virtual editorial office simply won’t be the same with out her constant presence.  I would also like to take this opportunity to thank her on behalf of the editorial team, you the reader and AIM members alike for all of the time, energy and creativity she has given so freely to this imag over the years. 
Thank you Vicky for everything x

Back in 2008 I surmised that the magazine might (if it was lucky) last a year and after its transition into a fully downloadable imag I wondered whether it would continue to grow in popularity… Now some 40 issues later I am incredibly humbled by its immense popularity and the enormous scale of its enthusiastic following.  Regular readers will know that of late the work load created by sitting in the editor’s chair simply became too much for me and with my own business demanding almost all of my focus, time and attention, something had to give.  As a result of this forced sabbatical we were unable to publish a regular monthly imag over the last few months.  However, with the unerring support of the editorial team and the fresh enthusiasm of four new members, combined with the support of more than 300 AIM members, I hope that we will be able to bring you yet more stunning future issues of the AIM imag and rest assured that everyone here at AIM remains committed to a bright future, one that has the AIM imag taking centre stage! 

But before I go and get too nostalgic and choked up, I would like to thank everyone who has worked so hard on the AIM imag since its most humble and unassuming beginning back in April 2008 and as is now customary as editor, it is once again my pleasure to welcome you to the 40th issue of the ground breaking AIM magazine!
Bea Broadwood
On behalf of the AIM Magazine

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  1. I am quite new to reading this imag and you all do an amazing job, congratulations on reaching the 40th issue and long may it continue :).