Friday, 28 October 2011

Arnhem Doll House Show - 2011

Last Wednesday evening I (sadly) waved Mr Bea off, as he drove away into the sunset to catch his overnight ferry bound for the Netherlands. 

Despite 'Arnhem' being our first international show, I was unable to accompany him and so Mr Bea will be flying solo on the PP stand at this weekend’s Arnhem show.

However, Mr Bea will have with him a full complement of all of our smaller scale kits alongside an exclusive selection of ready built 1:24th scale dolls houses - sold on a first come first serve basis!
Since Mr Bea left I have heard from him and I am happy to report that he has not only arrived safely, but he is also all set up and ready for the show.

The only problem he has so far encountered has been ordering food because he has struggled to understand the menu… his Dutch is sadly non existent!!

So if you are planning to visit the Arnhem Show this coming weekend, do stop by the Petite Properties’ stand and say hello to a ‘lonely’ Mr Bea and if he looks a little hungry; you know why!

Bea Broadwood


  1. if he has any whiches please let my now, I will take them with me tomorrow

    gr corinne

  2. ha ha, I will take him a sandwich! but why didn't he ask almost everyone speaks english overhere

  3. Klara I think maybe he was just too shy!

  4. I can tell you he was not starving, I asked him if he was hungry. He told me he always is, he managed to point out what he wanted and got the food he wanted. lol

  5. yesterday...before the show opened I immediately bought a 1:144th washtub cottage and a 1:48th Cottage Stores :-)
    You have a very nice husband!!!I hope he did get some food eventually!!!

  6. I will take an extra granola bar and a sandwich to tidy him over...
    But does the sun set in the East in the UK????? I do hope it is poetic license, as he must have travelled via Tokyo to get here.No wonder he's hungry!!!!