Monday, 6 June 2011

That 'End Of Term' Feeling..!

Good afternoon everyone!

Well despite not personally attending the dolls house show in York yesterday (Mr Bea flew solo on the PP stand) my feet have finally touched down again in the PP office and despite it being only Monday; I have a distinct 'end of term' feeling...

This year, with no Scottish Miniatura later in June, it means that for Mr Bea and I Sunday's York show was our final event of the current season and we are both now very much looking forward to our summer 'break'...

But before you all conjure up ideas of us skipping bare foot towards 'his and hers' stripy deck chairs, rest assured we have a working 'summer' recess planned!  This year our show schedule from Autumn to Christmas has been packed, almost back to back with shows and it also comes with the possibility of us squeezing a new international show date into the melee!...?

So with all these events in mind, Mr Bea and I will spend the summer producing a wide array of brand new kits in a variety of scales, which will be launched when the inevitable 'show carousel' starts spinning again with Autumn Miniatura on 24th & 25th September.

Can't wait that long for new kits?  Then not to worry!! 

Mr Bea and I will also be releasing new kits throughout the summer via our online shop and I hope to have news of our next 1:144th (micro kit) very soon…!!

So as ever do watch this space, as it looks like the summer of 2011 is going to be a busy one!
 Bea Broadwood

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