Friday, 28 October 2011

Alexandra Palace 2011

Last Sunday Mr Bea and I were delighted to once again exhibit at the Alexandra Palace Dolls House Show in North London.  We have always been fans of this venue and it was great to be able to return for a second year, since Wendy’s World re launched this 'retired' show in 2010. 

The palace itself makes for an impressive back drop for the event and I must confess that Mr Bea and I did manage to sneak out before the show opened  in order to take in the stunning views across London, which can be enjoyed from the elevated terraces at the front of the venue.  However, we did laugh when we saw that ‘someone’ had planted a new tree directly in front of one of the viewing telescopes! I kid you not..! (sadly I did not have my camera with me at the time - but it did make us giggle!)

The interior of the Victorian ‘Great Hall’ of Alexandra Palace is truly vast, although sadly it is also a little shabby these days too.  However the palace as a whole is under going a rolling programme of restoration which is great news for this iconic London landmark.  The south east end of the Great Hall features the famous ’Rose Window’ and last Sunday, with the sun streaming though it for most of the day, it was an ethereal sight looming over us all! 

At the opposite end of the Great Hall (where the dolls house show was held) is the large and very dominant ’Willis Organ’, which given its size, must be incredibly impressive to hear when it is played at the regular recitals which are held at the palace.

The dolls house show itself certainly did not disappoint and with so many visitors flooding through the Great Hall’s doors Mr Bea and I were kept on our collective toes from the beginning  of the day to the very end!    The customers I spoke to said that they loved the venue and many had travelled from Europe especially to attend.  Sadly I did not get a chance to walk round the show myself, but at least I did get the chance to quietly enjoy that romantic early morning view across London with Mr Bea, albeit with a small sapling in our way! 
Bea Broadwood

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