Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Coming Soon - 1:48th Bay Tree Manor...

Good afternoon everyone!
Well the season of 'previews' continues  and I am delighted  to share news of
yet another forthcoming 
quarter scale kit: Bay Tree Manor, which we will be launching very soon!

As many of you already know, the original ethos behind Petite Properties’ ’Book & Kit’ series was a simple one - to teach miniaturists how to build their own 1:48th scale dolls houses and how to bring them to life by creating a highly realistic ‘artisan finish’.

However, the techniques taught in each of the booklets that accompany this series of house kits should not be left languishing, unused in a drawer as I have designed an extensive range of additional kits, all of which can be constructed and finished using the techniques included in each of our previously published instruction booklets.

In  the ‘Basic’ House Kit Series, each kit has a set of full colour instructions which are also carefully linked back to the techniques and finishes taught in each booklet; allowing you to create your very own ‘artisan finish’ on a new quarter scale property time and time again!

Bay Tree Manor has six internal rooms and has been designed as an 'extension kit' to Mulberry House and so it  re uses the techniques taught and included in the Mulberry House Booklet... However, as with all of our basic house kits Bay Tree Manor can also be finished and brought to life internally and externally in any way you choose!!

So if you enjoyed the formal architectural style of our
Mulberry house kit, you are  simply going to love our new (and very handsome) quarter scale Bay Tree Manor for sure!
Bea Broadwood

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