Friday, 20 January 2012

Coming soon - 1:48th 'Side Garage' Kit...!

Good morning!
(Picture shows constructed and decorated kits)

If you enjoyed our nostalgic  1:48th ‘Birchwood Avenue Semi’ dolls house kit then you might to interested in this  preview of a new little quarter scale kit, which we will be launching next month...

Our new '1940s/1950s' inspired
'Side Garage' has been specifically designed to sit along side and complement our quarter scale '2 & 4 Birchwood Avenue' basic house kit.

The new 1:48th 'Side Garage' kit can be constructed to fit either on the left or right hand side of the property, or both (as shown above).

The side garage kit, comes with front opening glazed garage doors, opening side courtesy door and side gate, plus glazed side window. Full colour, step by step instructions are also included.
Bea Broadwood

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